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In April 2019, the UK government implemented the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting regulations (SECR), which are intended to reduce the carbon emissions from UK businesses by an ambitious 20%. While the SECR regulations place more stringent requirements upon British companies, they also offer significant opportunities, with the planned 20% energy reduction equating to a potential £6 billion in savings for UK businesses. Smart companies are now seeking experienced assessors who can help them make the most of their energy.

Synergie Environ Ltd have a strong pedigree in energy efficiency and auditing, having previously completed over 30 detailed ESOS assessments which identified a total of £3 million in energy saving opportunities, saving individual companies up to 22% on their energy bills. Some of our headline assessments include:


  • A client in the international chemicals sector, identifying savings of 26,000 MWh and £1,750,000 per year;
  • A water sector client, identifying savings of 4,000 MWh and £500,000 per year;
  • An energy sector client, identifying savings of 1,200 MWh and £200,000 per year.


Synergie Environ’s team of engineering and environmental professionals therefore have the expertise to make real changes for SECR qualifying companies, as well as the experience to complete SECR assessments in line with government requirements and best practice.


Does SECR apply to me?

SECR has grown out of the existing ESOS and CRC schemes, and in many ways mirrors the requirements of ESOS, with large businesses being mandated to report their energy use and carbon emissions in addition to any efficiency measures they have undertaken. There is however one crucial difference: these statistics must now be reported every year.

The qualifying criteria for SECR are very similar to ESOS, and so many of the 11,000 companies that qualified for ESOS will now also qualify for SECR. As with ESOS, the government retains the ability to identify and fine companies for non-compliance. Fines levied on companies for non-compliance with the predecessor scheme totalled £240,000 in 2019. Companies are likely to qualify for SECR if they meet two or more of the following:



What can I gain from SECR?

With the Climate Change Levy imposed on electricity use rising by 45% in the last year, and the levy on gas use rising by 67%, energy efficiency is a higher priority than ever for UK businesses. Despite the new requirements, SECR has been designed to simplify energy and carbon reporting. It is also intended to contribute towards the UK’s carbon reduction targets, and to help companies identify energy savings which translate into real financial benefits. Contact us today to see how we can help you cut your costs, consumption and carbon.

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