We Hae Meat is a rapidly growing producer of cooked and chilled meat products based near Girvan, Ayrshire. The company is planning to expand the production facility by 100% at the existing site near Dailly. An assessment of renewable energy & water efficiency opportunities was carried out in partnership with We Hae Meat’s staff, to investigate and identify potential areas to improve resource efficiency.

The review made recommendations to existing practices and identified opportunities to improve resource efficiency. It was recommended they consider investing in a Ground Source Heat Pump to supply a proportion of the hot water requirements of the site. Other opportunities to improve efficiency involved investment in a 10.5kWp photo-voltaic system either mounted on the roof of the building or on the South facing slope of ground to the South of the building.

Additional recommendations included installing catch trays on work benches and catch baskets in central drainage gulley, having initial dry wipe/scrape to remove gross debris prior to using liquid/foam cleansers and ensuring that the interface between walls and floors is curved to minimise debris accumulation in corners.

In total, the review identified significant cost savings. Implementation of these would reduce energy and water consumption costs by £9,979 per annum and estimated carbon dioxide savings of over 47.2 tonnes per annum.

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