Synergie was commissioned to carry out a confidential waste compositional analysis for a large public visitor site with over 1.5 million visitors each year. As part of the contract the deliverables were:

  • an onsite waste audit of sample bins providing breakdown on types of waste, quantities, weight and percentage;
  • a review of current waste services and equipment used, waste handling methods, staff and public awareness levels;
  • a report on the site audit including lesson and general recommendations for the rest of the portfolio of sites;
  • provision of waste awareness tools to produce bin signage and staff engagement toolkit;
  • development of clear and concise waste management checklist and decision tree to help sites manage wastes better to segregate and divert more efficiently; and
  • support for implementing the recommendations.

It was clear from the bin audit results that there was a significant proportion of the general waste stream (>60%) which could be recycled either thought the existing or an enhanced collection service. On the basis of the waste compositional analysis carried out by Synergie and our estimates based on observation and measurement of the materials which were recyclable, it was anticipated that between 24.2 and 83.2 tonnes of waste per annum could be diverted from landfill saving between 11.1 and 38.2 tonnes of CO2e.

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