Synergie Environ was commissioned to carry out a packaging and waste review at Walker’s Shortbread main production facility in Aberlour, Speyside. Walker’s is one of Scotland’s best known bakers, producing a wide range of shortbread, biscuits and cake products. The company sells many hundreds of different brands, the most widely known of which is the shortbread range.

Walker’s now exports some 60% of production out with the UK, and the development of export markets has been a hallmark of the company’s success.  The site in Aberlour is one of two main sites producing a wide range of shortbread, biscuits and cake products. A detailed site survey was carried out in partnership with Walker’s staff, to investigate and identify potential areas to improve resource efficiency and reduce packaging use.

The survey was supported by the collation and analysis of extensive billing and production data to identify key SKU’s and substantiate specific recommendations for improvement.  Key findings included opportunities to improve waste monitoring by implementing an appropriate monitoring system to target areas that are most significant, and opportunities to optimise packaging design and to extend and improve the cost benefit of recycling systems.

In total, the review identified total potential cost savings of over £113,000 per annum. The associated potential environmental benefits included waste savings of over 130 tonnes per annum and carbon savings of over 140 tonnes per annum.  The company has subsequently adopted and implemented many of the review recommendations through an overall site Environmental Management Programme.

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