Polybox Ltd based on the outskirts of Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis are a manufacturer of polystyrene boxes of various sizes for the fishing and fish processing sector. An assessment was commissioned to help inform Polybox of the various options available to them for reducing carbon emissions saving money in operating costs.

The report identified that steam is currently cooled in a cooling tower with waste heat being lost in the tower. A heat exchanger could be used to preheat water entering the onsite diesel boiler. Installation of a heat recovery system could recover heat from this waste steam. Other opportunities included replacing inefficient SON lamps with T5 equivalent lamps and installing a lighting system to include SMART controls, comprising of daylight dimming and occupancy PIR sensors.

In total, the review identified significant cost and C02 savings. Implementation of these would reduce C02 emissions by over 180 tonnes per annum and an estimated annual saving of £49,000.

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