SEL carried out an ESOS Phase 2 energy audit at several sites for an international chemical company.

Estimated energy savings of 26 GWh/a were identified within the audited sites and activities, which would result in estimated annual cost savings of £1.75 million per year and average greenhouse gas (GHG) savings of 8.4 ktCO2e/a. This would have represented a reduction in energy consumption by 6.6%, a reduction in energy cost by 18%, and a reduction in GHG emissions by 10% at the audited sites. Implementing these cost savings at the audited sites was estimated to cost £3.3m which would result in a simple payback period of approximately 1.9 years without external financial assistance.

Across the sites visited as part of this audit there were many examples of good energy management practices and improvements, however, there did not appear to be a comprehensive over-arching energy strategy across or within the sites which appeared to have led to potential energy management opportunities being overlooked. Consequently, there was a lack of common strategy and goals with respect to energy management.

It was recommended that the company implement a comprehensive, and systematic approach to energy management across and between the sites. A formal energy management system (EnMS) would provide a framework for all the elements described above and it was recommended that the company considered the implementation of an EnMS across the company.

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