Synergie was commissioned to carry out a Confidential Packaging and Waste Prevention Review at Diageo’s Shieldhall bottling plant.  The site is one of the world’s largest drinks packaging facilities, operating a number of high speed production lines.  A detailed site survey was carried out in partnership with Diageo staff, to investigate and identify potential areas to improve resource efficiency and reduce packaging use.

The site survey was supported by the collation and analysis of extensive billing and production monitoring data, to substantiate specific recommendations for improvement.  Key findings from the review included opportunities to improve the interrogation and reporting of wastage data (e.g. to set product and component-specific waste prevention targets), some scope to improve process control to reduce end-of-line wastes, and potential for ‘light weighting’ primary and secondary packaging for certain products.

In total, the review identified total potential cost savings of more than £3.3 million per annum.  The associated potential environmental benefits included material savings of over 7,500 tonnes and carbon savings of over 5,600 tonnes per annum.  The company has subsequently adopted and implemented many of the review recommendations through an overall site Environmental Management Programme.

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