Cian O’FlynnEnergy & Projects Engineer


Energy & Projects Engineer


MSc Renewable Energy Systems Technology (On-going), BEng (HONS) Energy Engineering


Cian graduated with a first-class honours degree in Energy Engineering from University College Cork. As part of his degree Cian completed a successful industrial placement with a large Scottish Food Ingredient Manufacturer, Macphie of Glenbervie. During this time with Macphie of Glenbervie Ltd, he learned about the principles of lean manufacturing and implemented a number of measures which reduced waste, improved efficiency and ultimately lowered the carbon footprint associated with the product.

Cian’s degree involved the study of solid engineering fundamentals such as thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and electrical systems as well as advanced energy engineering topics such as power electronics, control systems, wind, solar, ocean energy, energy demand management and energy policy. Cian has used these solid principles and knowledge of advanced energy engineering topics to assess the feasibility of a wide array of sustainable technologies, to develop detailed designs of complex energy systems and take these designs to the delivery stage.

Upon graduating, Cian joined Ramboll Energy one of the world’s most experienced district heating consultancies. During his time at Ramboll, Cian became adept at managing and delivering a wide array of low carbon technology feasibility studies and market analysis for a variety of public and private clients. These studies focused predominantly on the feasibility of district heating networks connected to a variety of heat supply technologies such as gas CHP, heat pumps, solar, biomass boilers and geothermal wells.

After completing the Ramboll Energy Graduate Programme, Cian joined Vital Energi Utilities as a Design Engineer. Vital Energi is one of the UK’s leading District Energy Design and Build Contractors. At Vital Cian gained a valuable insight into the process involved in developing detailed designs of district heating and cooling networks.

Whilst at Vital Cian was responsible for taking concept designs and producing a fully detailed design for the projects team to install. This work involved initial project conceptual work, site investigations and surveys, client meetings and input into project submissions and presentations. In the role of the design engineer Cian assisted in the setting of technical standards, the detailed design of all mechanical aspects for central energy and district heating systems and acted as a liaison with the wider design and installation teams.

Cian also gained practical experience on-site working as a Project Engineer on multi million pound district heating and cooling projects in Scotland. On-site Cian assisted in maintaining the Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan, measuring progress against the project programme, routinely reviewing progress with subcontractors on-site to make sure the programme is achieved and reviewed the installation works to ensure compliance with the construction issue design information.


At Synergie Environ, Cian is focused on continuing to develop good client relationships, utilising his experience in developing district heating and cooling projects to develop accurate technology appraisals and business cases facilitating the development of viable District Energy Systems across the UK. Cian also intends to bring to bear his cross-transferable skills he has built up designing gas CHP district heating and trigeneration systems into the AD sector. Cian is currently studying for an MSc in Renewable Energy System Technologies at Loughborough University and he hopes to build his knowledge in the niche area of biogas-to-grid, which is the subject of his thesis. He actively pursues opportunities in the industrial energy efficiency sector, an area in which he has first-hand experience of achieving significant energy consumption and carbon reductions in a cost-effective manner.

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